Month: April 2016

How To Know A Good Site Design From A Bad One

Published / by Kate Lock


Although it seems as though at every turning corner there is a business of some sort, not many entrepreneurs know what they need to know. Of course, it is a learning curve and the market is always changing, however there are some things you need to be well-versed on. One is being able to identify the distinction between proper website designers and amateurs. This is crucial, as today customers tend to judge a business based on their online presence. The first thing people do today when they hear of a new one, is to either hunt for them on social media or online. And if they do not like what they see, you can be sure they will not return. So have a look at these tips to make sure you are on the right path.


A good web design agency that is serious about bringing in clients and giving them a worthwhile service will always have a comprehensive consultation. Some of them offer this consultation for free, and this is your chance to assess them. Are they equipped with all the right questions they need to ask from you? Do they understand what you want? Are they less about listening and more about talking? Most of all, have they painted an image for you to begin with? Ensure you ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable and that they know what they are talking about.


Chances are, you will not be satisfied with the first design straightaway. There will be changes on both ends as you and the designer work together to come up with the final product. The designer should have a good attitude towards this and be willing to make as many changes as are needed to ensure you, the client are happy. At the end of the day, you are paying for this service so not receiving you money’s worth is a waste. Make sure they also listen to your needs and do their best to reach a middle ground.


When it comes to locating a good web design agency, a strong portfolio is key. Having work to display to their clients is only further testimony to the quality of their services. You yourself can visit ecommerce websites and have a look at their structure. Sure the aesthetics play a vital role too, but at the end of the day your customers need to use not just look at the site. So ensure the backend is as good as the front.


Today, there are designers who either work for companies or work on a freelance basis. Whichever you go for, conduct plenty of research. Shortlist your options and schedule consultations with them before you lock in an agreement. You can save yourself plenty of trouble in the future and look forward to a long and healthy relationship for a long-term business partnership.