Month: May 2016

Some Of The Best Extreme Sports To Try Out

Published / by Kate Lock

Extreme sports are some of the most amazing things that you need to try out at least once in your lifetime. If you are bored of going camping and backpacking during every spring and summer holidays, then trying out extreme sports will be ideal for you. Bungee jumping and rafting are some of the more popular options of extreme sports, but for those who are looking for even more adventure, here are some to try out.Volcano boardingApart from sand dune boarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, and kite boarding, volcano boarding is one of the latest ventures. Apart from the great thrill of the sport, it is also a good place and background to try out your DJI drones Australia. You are given a plywood toboggan which you have to use to board down the side of the volcano. There are no props given for steering or braking so you have to use your physical body appendages. Some of the fastest speeds are currently clocked go up to around 90 km/hr. Due to the cone shape of volcanoes the slope is usually very steep and depending on your weight, the speed will increase or decrease.Freshwater cave divingIf you are tired of regular cave exploring and ocean scuba diving, then mix the two up and go for water cave diving. You can take a look at stalactites and stalagmites and other unusual geo-formations that will take your breath away. You can dive off of a helicopter into the cave or just swim into it. This is a dangerous and risky operation as sometimes these caves are inhabited by the unknown. Florida, Mexico, Australia, and a lot of other countries have the natural made caves as well as sinkholes. In most cases you will need proper diving license to enjoy this sport.Downhill mountain bikingThis is another great way to utilize the 3-axis gopro gimbal handheld. You can either record the overhead scenario or grab a GoPro and do the video recording and photo snapping yourself. Usually this sport has a high number of injuries. You get to go down staircases, steep hills, and mountain sides and go over rocks and unmade roads. In order to try out this sport, make sure that you have a proper bike and also great maneuverability and control over the bike.Zorbing is where you go down a hill inside a plastic ball. This is one of the most popular extreme sports enjoyed greatly by kids and those who have similar weights and heights. Ice climbing allows you to embrace the freezing cold atmosphere by climbing up frozen waterfalls and mountain sides.