Month: June 2016

The Next Big Thing For Social Networking

Published / by Kate Lock

Even though work uses most of the time and energy we have available per day, we still find time to check our Facebook newsfeed and Snapchat snapstories. Facebook has being running for 12 years and shows every sign of just growing bigger and bigger. The CEO of Facebook, who set the record for the youngest billionaire of all time, made a quite controversial statement on virtual reality. Zuckerberg strongly believes that Virtual reality is the next social platform and he also stated that Virtual reality will be the most social platform available.
Socialising with VR
Mark Zuckerberg has an almost spot on ability to predict the future, by investing or purchasing companies with their services becoming essential and rather significant. The track record for some of the very profitable purchases that Zuckerberg has made would be the very popular messaging application WhatsApp which has become a default when it comes to Internet messaging. Then on the other hand there’s also the very popular social network Instagram.
Mark Zuckerberg acquired virtual reality focused company Ocular Rift for $2 billion dollars in 2014. Ocular Rift recently started shipping out the Virtual Reality headsets produced for PC gaming but Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for Ocular Rift is much broader than just simply focusing on gaming, as Zuckerberg realises that to achieve critical success, virtual reality cannot be limited to just gaming. He envisions to broaden his virtual reality vision to implement the technology into social networking.
Zuckerberg revealed the team he set up with the very purpose of implementing virtual reality into Facebook and other social networks. The team is tasked with building an Ocular Rift device called Social VR and also with the task to predict on new possible platforms as well. Other companies are producing applications such as a music app that transports you into a visual equaliser that’s surrounds you witch alternating line and vivid shapes according to the tempo, beat and the pitch of the music. Virtual reality devices produced by Samsung and LG allows new features and application production, which will surely make a virtual reality a necessary equipment in the very near future. Many companies are hosting virtual reality events to promote and test their products.
Many virtual reality events are hosted around the globe for developers.
The objective
Very soon, it won’t be an uncommon site to see people with huge goggles everywhere. These goggles would be the virtual reality devices. Virtual reality is very easily a brilliant innovation that can take over and change the whole principles of social networking with the ability to communicate with people as if they were right there next to you. With the necessary equipment, you can even go sightseeing around the world from your living room and even share a 360° globe photograph of your current location setting to your followers on your social networks, so even they can witness the setting as if they were right next to you.