In An Age Where Our Phones Are Smarter Than Us

Phones which were a couple decades ago considered luxury has now become something of a necessity that is so common we don’t even stop to think about it. We would leave without an umbrella on a day that is forecasted to be a rainy day but never leave the house without checking that we have taken our cell phones with us. And if by chance we remember on our way that we have left our cell phone at home a lot of people will not think twice before turning around and going home to get it. We would rather appear late to work rather than appear without our phones because it is such an integral part of our day to day activities. 

We depend on it to wake us up in the morning (many people use their phones as an alarm clock), to remind us of the daily schedule( buy the groceries, drop off laundry at the dry cleaners, business meeting at 12 and your kid’s birthday day party in the afternoon), to get us where we want to go (google maps and navigation systems), talk to our business partners over video conferencing, keep our love lives going, entertain is when we are bored, listen to music 24/7 and the lid goes on and on. We won’t remember family members’ birthdays without that little reminder from our phones! That’s how dependent we are on our smart phones. 

Technology has improved so much with regard to phones not only is our phones considered smart (when most of the human population is categorized as not smart) but it has become an essential (we think it is essential) in our lives that we would totally go in to panic mode if we don’t have it. There are different phone systems that has been introduced for office use such as the hybrex phone systems Melbourne which cater to the needs of the corporate / business circles in the community.

There are different types of phones for teenagers, adults and kids. There are different types of phones depending on your profession, personal preferences and needs.

Whoever it should be noted that however smart or phones get we as a civilized population is far behind in smartness. Even our phones seems to be smarter than us! We are connected more than ever but still we are far away from each other and our relationships are unstable. Our phones remember our memories and loved ones better than we do (all the pictures, reminders, birthdays and all the contacts saved in your phone that is).