How To Disassemble Your Iphone

Published / by Kate Lock

Technology is interesting and there are some people who love to get to know the inner workings of the devices they possess. This applies to any type of device but for the purpose of this article we will be focusing on mobile devices and more specifically iPhones. There are many reasons you may have to get to know the inner workings of your device. It could be simply curiosity or to fix something in the device. Either way you need to be very careful on how you get around doing it as if you don’t do it properly you could end up damaging your device.
Before moving on I must inform you if you are unaware of it that once you disassemble the device your warranty becomes void. Hence it would be advisable for you to first seek the help of an official iPhone Repair shop before you do anything on your own. Now moving on when it comes to disassembling the device you need to first switch of the device properly as otherwise if it could cause damage to the components. Following that make sure you remove the sim card properly as well. Finally you need to make sure that you are grounded so as to not give off a static charge that could end up damaging the circuits of the device. That is all on preparations that you need to do after that you get down to the real job. Visit this linkl for more information regarding iPhone repair.
Keep in mind that as stated above proceeding beyond this point means your warranty will become void, so think twice before doing it. If your warranty is still valid you could always go to an official apple iPhone Repair shop. If you are set on it proceed to removing the two screws that are on the bottom of the device. Once you do that you can pry it open with a flat screwdriver. Once you make sure that you don’t pull out the screen straight away it is attached to the motherboard by three ribbon cables. Carefully remove them to disengage the screen from the motherboard.
If you want access to the motherboard there are a few more screws to remove. Keep in mind that these screws that you remove are very small if you aren’t careful you could end up losing them. The battery is removable in the more recent models but in the old ones like the 3gs it’s glued so you will have to remove it slowly. Once all the repairs or whatever is done you can reassemble the device. Just remember to be very careful with the process.