What Are Computers?

A computer is something that everyone these days knows and most use it for their day to do work, entertainment and other purposed. Charles Babbage is a well-known person as the father of computers and Ada Lovelace is known to be the first of the programmers in the history. Back then the computers weren’t electrical most of them started as mechanical machines but later on technology developed to produce electrical devices that didn’t occupy much space and which worked accurately and quicker than before. All the computers devices that we use in the present days are electrical and has been improved with accuracy, speed and portability.

The first of the computers can be considered as the abacus which was developed in way earlier civilization and when it comes to the devices developed and invented after the medieval period Blaise Pascal’s machine and Babbage’s machines played a major role in the history of computing.

At present, those old machines which took so much time, space and which has consisted with a feature or two has replaced and escalated into machines that perform millions of different operations simultaneously. The most famed types of business computers that are available these days are divided as portable and non-portable computers.

Non-portable computers

When it comes to domestic non-portable computers, what we would be addressing at would be the desktop computers out there. Even though there may exist so many types of portable computers, people still tend to purchase desktop computers. Why do people buy desktop computers even though it would be such a pain when moving around or having it with you all the time for your use? Well there are many reasons behind using desktop computers nevertheless how popular portable computers are.

Some the key reasons why people tend to use desktops are because they when it comes to up gradation it’s easier. You can simply replace any hardware; from the keyboard to the motherboard everything can be replaced as per your requirement. You can also easily get a desktop computer without much hassle from a store nearby or buy a desktop computer online. Normally you can equip larger screens as you’re pleasing and more gear than portable computers, and also when comparing desktop processors to portable processors, the desktop processors are known to be faster. Not just that they are relatively much cheaper than portable computers.