What You Should Know About Preventing Retail Theft

Retail is subjected to theft from both customers and employees. It can be hard to cover the losses of theft and that can affect the future of your company as well. Employee theft can amount to huge losses when compared to shoplifters. Therefore, it is important that you hire people you can trust. You need to check their references thoroughly before you hire your employees. Even if you go through a careful screening process, there is no guarantee that you have completely eliminated employee theft. There are a few additional steps you can take to improve the safety. CCTV installation Sydney is one way of deter theft easily. This can discourage shoplifters as well. People tend to behave well when they are in a store with high surveillance and there is little chance of stealing. If such an event does occur, you can simply go through the video feed to find the culprit. But the cameras have to cover the whole store. And if a full coverage is too costly, you can at least place the cameras to overlook the most high risk areas.

Retail store video analytics can improve security by helping you review surveillance videos. It is not enough that you record what is happening in the store, you need to monitor that feed for any inconsistencies as well. Normally, this will take a lot of manpower. But it is made easy with video analytics. You can set up the parameters for what you want to look for when you install the system. If something out of the ordinary takes place, you will be instantly alerted. It can increase the security provided by CCTV cameras. There are so many innovative technological solutions you can use to shore up the security of your store. You can use electronic article surveillance to increase the safety of your products and keep track of them.

Aside from technological means, you can make sure that you team different employees together from time to time. There have to be procedures in place to balance the cash register after the shift of each employee. Taking physical inventory is very important. Make sure that it is carried out regularly to weed out inconsistencies. When it comes to deterring shoplifters, you should keep items that are easiest to shoplift near the checkout counter. That way the employees can keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Visibility is important to prevent shoplifting. Your store has to be designed in such a way that the arrangement of the aisles and shelves encourage visibility. Packaging that is difficult to conceal will also serve as a constraint.